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Lock rekey, lock repair service Parkland Florida.
New locks installed, locks changed and serviced.

Rekey Lock Service Parkland Change Locks Keys Parkland Rekey Lock Locksmith Service Lock Repair

Parkland Florida lock repair service and lock rekey.
Commercial, residential and auto key replace and repair.

We are a locksmith service business that has been serving Residents and Commercial
businesses since 1978.
We are a full line locksmith service, we do it all.


When getting your locks installed, repaired, rekeyed, or just serviced -
you can count on professional service.
We are the technicians that double check our work, so you don't have to.
As security and keys are a serious business, we make double sure you have the best
service and security that is available on today's market.

Safe Locksmith, Safe Cracking.

Did you lose the combination to your safe?
Did the combination stop working on your safe?
Our safe locksmith technicians can open your safe or lockbox.
Safe cracking service 24 hour emergency service.
Sometimes we have to drill the safe open.
We can change the combination on your safe if someone unauthorized gets it.
We use special drill bits to penetrate the hardened steel that protects your valuables.
Most safes we can repair with a new safe lock.
Some of the Chinese or 3rd world Country safes are throw away after opening.
Safes sold and installed. Protect your valuables.
Most safes we install are bolted to the floor.
This is VERY secure with our high strength lag bolts.
Call our office today to schedule for a safe installation.

Schlage Lock Change And Repair

Our locksmith technicians service and repair all schlage locks.
If you need a schlage lock installed, just call our office for a appointment.
If it is a specialty schlage lock, please notify us before the installation.
We do schlage master and grand master key systems.
We design the system to your needs. We make it as simple and as secure as possible.
Have been mater keying locks since 1978.
We can set up a perfect schlage lock system for your needs.
We have most all parts that schlage will sell us. All parts are not replaceable
and schlage does not sell some parts for certain locks. In this case,
the lock will have to be replaced.

Rekey Lock Locksmith Service

When moving into a new residence or business, get your locks rekeyed.
You never know who migh just have a old extra key.
When a employer fires a employee, the lock should be rekeyed.
If you lose a key to your property, you should rekey the lock.
You will know who has a key to your property.
Make sure you can account for all of your keys.
If a key is missing, have your locks changed.
If you run a Commercial business with many doors, you might
want a master key system. Designed just for your needs.
This will eliminate carrying a large keyring.

Multilock Lock Change And Repair

If you own a Mul t lock lock, you want to use a authorized dealer to get
your lock rekeyed or repaired. Get it done right the 1st time.
Mul T Lock is a high security top of the line lock.
It is made for your security.
They are a very brutal and strong lock.
But it will happen that it might need repair.
We are a Mul T Lock authorized repair dealer.
We install, rekey and repair all of your Mul T Lock lock cylinders.

Broken Key in Ignition

Broken key in ignition removal and repair service.
We service all cars, trucks, motorcycles and scooters.
Broken key removal service.
We remove keys from all types of locks.
House door lock broken key.
Business door lock broken key removal service.
Some ignition locks we have to take apart to remove the broken key.
Most broken kes in the ignition will come out easily.
That said, with the correct equitment.
If you have a broken key in your ignition, call us.

Kwikset Lock Change and Repair

There are many types of Kwikset locks on the market today.
Make sure you have the correct type for your needs.
We have the standard Kwikset key lock.
And there are some that are self changable locks.
And some are push button lock.
And there is also wifi Kwikset locks.
We repair and install all types of Kwikset locks.
We rekey if needed for your security.
We can rekey them all alike for your convinience.
We have many parts for repair of your Kwikset lock.

Baldwin Lock Repair and Service

Baldwin locks use Schlage keyway for they key system.
You can change it to what ever you want.
I would recomend change to Medeco.
This way you have a High Security top of the line locking system.
Baldwin locks are known for their durability.
They have the decorative look for your home or business.
For which ever Baldwin lock you use, we service them
We can repair or replace all of your Baldwin type locks.
We can rekey your Baldwin lock or master key it if needed.

Medeco Lock repair and rekey

Medeco locks are world known for their security and durability.
If you have a Medeco lock, you know it.
The keys are not able to be duplicated without your authorization.
These locks are pick proof.
They are brutal, I have seen a Medeco deadbolt beaten with a
hammer, it still worked like new.
Like everything, it needs maintanance.
It has small springs inside that must be kept clean and lubricated.
If you need it serviced, call us.
We are a authorized Medeco dealer.
We can rekey your Medeco lock, same day service.
Need a Medeco repaired, we come to you - call us.

Kaba Lock Change And Repair

Kaba lock code changes.
We can reset your Kaba lock codes and change them.
Call our office today to see what type Kaba lock can offer you.
Word wide security industry with Kaba locks and security, you can not go wrong.
Do you have a lost code?
Do you need a Kaba lock repaired?
We offer repair service on all Kaba locking systems and products.
Access control systems designed for your needs. Safe locks and cylinders.
Auto keys and transponders all by Kaba lock systems.

Yale Lock Change and repair

Most Yale locks that need repair are on commercial buildings.
You will seldom see a Yale lock on a residence.
This is because Yale locks cost is much higher and the builders will build
as cost effective as possible on a residence.
Now on a commercial building that has it's doors used vigorously throughout
the day needs to be strong.
This is why they use a heavier lock.
Yale has been around for a very long time.
Quality cost money and that is why Yale cost a little more, but the quality is
well worth the extra dollar.

Deadbolt Lock Change and repair

A old style deadbolt with a short throw should be replaced.
A full 1 inch bolt should be used on all exterior doors.
Get your deadbolt lock changed to the newer style lock.
In today's society, you need every little extra you can get.
So get the deadbolt lock with a bigger bolt.
Change that deadbolt lock today.
A full 1 inch is a lot harder to pry open than the previous type.
We repair all types of deadbolt locks.
We carry many parts for almost every lock.
If your deadbolt lock is broken, I am sure we can repair it.

Peephole Installation

Every entry door sould have a peephole. You need to know who is entering
before the door is open. If the outside person does not want to show their face,
do not open the door. You never know anymore who is at your door.
We come to your residence or business and install a peephole on your door.
Large and small peepholes available.
Door repair from previous peepholes.
We install the large peepholes on steel doors.
Peephole replacement and upgrades available.

Magnetic Lock Installation

Magnet lock installation and repair service.
Did your magnet lock stop working?
Is there a power issue or a wiring issue?
Our technicians will come out to diagnose the problem,
and get you back up working again.
We install access control systems with the magnet locks and electric strike locks.
If trouble with any magnet lock, just call our office and our technicians will be glad to help.
We have 24 hour emergncy service if needed.
Security is our priority.

House Lockout

Locked out of the house or apartment?
We can be to you within a few minutes.
We have locksmith technicians all over the County for emergency service.
We can pick your lock open or drill it if necessary to gain entry to your house.
We service people every day for house lockout service.
We are only human and it happens to a lot of us.
If your keys are locked in the house we will get you in.
If your keys are lost, we will still get you in.
And we recomend that you have your locks rekeyed for safety.

Mailbox Lock and Key

The mailbox lock and keys needs replaced after years of use.
Most apartments, townhomes and condo's have a mailbox pedistal
with multiple boxes mounted on them.
Each box is to each resident. When someone loses a key, you will need
the mailbox lock opened and replaed.
The Postal Service does not do this, and they are not allowed to change your lock.
You are responsible for your lock. Call us and we will schedule to meet you and
open and change your mailbox lock and key.

Keys Locked In Car

We all lock the keys in the car or truck. If you have not done it yet,
it will happen to you also. I carry a spare key in my wallet now.
I had to call 1 of my emplouees to open my van at a jobsite 1 day.
That was embarassing, butlike I said, we all do it.
After you lock the keys in the car and get it open,
we all laugh. But at the time it is not funny at all.
So just remember, we are all just human and we will make mistakes.
When ya do it, call us, we are the fastest car lockout service in the area.
Keys locked in the trunk opened and keys in the car unlocked.

Crash Bar Installation

Crash bar installation availabe.
Also known as exit devices or panic hardware.
We install and repair all crash bars and exit device locks.
Crash bars got their name from no hands needed to exit the door.
You just needed to bump your body against the device and it will open.
Restaraunt back doors mainly as it started.
You did not need your hands to open the door.
This was a big help on back doors, no germ transfers.
Now a days, they use anything and everything to crash the door open.
It would seem as they are trying to destroy it.
But that is ok, we repair crash bars if needed.

Detex Alarm Lock Installation And Repair

Detex alarm locks are usualy on a door that is not visable,
but needs to be exit ready and locked from outside.
Most problems with a Detex alarm lock is they are not maintained properly.
The battery is the main malfunction.
When the battery sits in the unit for 10 years, what do you expect?
The corrosion from the battery eats the circuit board and now it all needs repalced.
The next neglection is the poor oiling of the lock system.
All it takes is a aquirt or so every 6 months to keep it in new condition.
If you check it 2 times a year, it will last forever.
If you need repair service for your Detex Alarm lock, call us.

Electric Strike Installation And Repair

Electric strike installation and repair service.
Electric strike locks are widely used in convinient stores.
This way the person at the counter can see if they want that
certain person to gain access.
The door remains locked until a button is pressed or the circuit is closed.
We can add a keypad, fob, or card to the system for access also.
Most electric strikes work all the same, they are different models for different
type door frames. Make sure you get the right one.
Our locksmith techniciians repair electric strike locks.
We install new electric strike lock systems.
If your electric strike is not working, we will come out to troubleshoot it.
I guarantee, we will get it working.
(Former Military electronics schooling, they taught me good.)

Buzzer Door Lock Installation And Repair

Door buzzer lock installation and repair service.
Also known as a electric strike. A lot of people call it a door buzzer lock
because all of the old electric strikes buzzed when energized.
So it got it's nickname "Door Buzzer".
Some of the newer locks just click now.
Different voltage, AC buzzes and DC clicks.
We install and repair all types of door buzzers.
If your door buzzer is not working, call us, we can fix it.
Door buzzers are a security lock that is remotely activated with a button
press, a fob, keypad or card.
The door remains locked until proper authorization is rendered or someone
inside pushed the buton.

Access Control Repair And Installation

Access control is when you have a device that will allow
you access when authorized. Our technicians can troubleshoot
your access control problem lock and remedy a solution.
We install new systems as well as repair them.
There are mainly 2 types of access control systems.
The first is a simple access with the proper code, fob or keypad code.
There is no record of who used it or at what time it was used.
The second type of access control system ia a audit trail system
which means it tracks who gained access, or tried to gain acces at a
certain time and what door was used. These systems are programable for
time zone authorization as many other qualities. A access control system with
audit trail and networking is the way to go.
Call me if any questions, I love access control.

Commercial Locksmith Service

Commercial locksmith and lock repair available 24 hours a day.
We specialize in commercial locking hardware.
Crash bars and electronic locking devices such as mag locks and electric strikes.
If you want it done right the first time, call the professionals.
We do all the lock services needed in the offices.
Desk lock keys, file cabinet lock keys replaced. We install a safe in your office.
Front door locks, back door locks, we repair all of them.
Mortise type locks repaired and replaced.
Keypad locks repaired.
Do you have a safe that you need the combination changed?
Call our office for all of your commercial lock needs.

Residential Locksmith Service

Our professional rsidential locksmith technicians are the best.
They will showm you all of the vonerable spots that a thief goes for.
We see the robberies every day, we know how they are getting in.
When we have you secured, you can sleep sound and not have a worry.
All exteroir doors must have a deadbolt that works properly.
Some people have locks, but they do not work.
Check all your locks, make sure they lock all the way in the door jamb.
We also install safes in your residence.
A great way to keep your valuables safe at home.
And some important papers as well from fire and water.

Car And Auto Locksmith Service

24 hour car and all auto locksmith service.
we come to you if you need your car opened or locked out.
If you need a key replacement or a new key made.
We program transponder keys to your vehicle.
Ignition repair service and rekey car locks.
New keys made to your car on the spot.
Emergency roadside locksmith key service.

Replacement Car Key

Replacement car key made on the spot.
We come to you with our 24 hour roadside service.
Professional keys factory cut to your car.
Transponder keys programed.
Car lock rekey service.
We can change your current key to a totally new key.
Push to start keys replaced and programed.
Auto locksmith services available.Ignition replaced from damage.
Ignition vandalism repair service. Ignition repair and replacement.
If you need a new key or fob to your car, call the professional locksmiths.

Sliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding glass door locks are the worst ever invented.
The thieves know also.
We recomend to add a extra sliding glass
door lock to your door as a auxilary.
Our service technicians will install a sliding glass door lock that can not be beat.
Most standard door locks will allow someone to lift the door up and out of the lock.
We see so many people that had a home robbery that the thief got in
through the sliding glass door lock.
Our locks stop all that. They stop the door from being lifted and pried back.
Call our office today to schedule a auxiliary sliding glass door lock.

Broken Door Lock repair

When you have a broken door lock, we can repair it same day service.
We repair and replae all types or door locks.
Electric locks and mechanical locks.
Push button locks repaired and replaced. We carry many parts for all
different types of locks. Most likely to be able to repair your lock.
Or we can always replace your lock if needed.
When you have a broken door lock, that is a security issue and needs fixed.
We will always give same day service and secure our customes.
When you need lock repair service, call the professionals.
Panic Bar Installation
Safe Locksmith, Safe Cracking
Schlage Lock Change and repair
Rekey Lock Locksmith Service
Multilock Lock Change and repair
Broken Key in Ignition
Kwikset Lock Change and repair
Baldwin Lock Repair and service
Medeco Lock repair and rekey
Kaba Lock Change and repair
Yale Lock Change and repair
Deadbolt Lock Change and repair
Peephole Installation
Magnetic Lock Installation
House Lockout
Mailbox Lock and Key
Keys Locked In Car
Crash Bar Installation
Detex Alarm Lock Installation And Repair
Electric Strike Installation And Repair
Buzzer Door Lock Installation And Repair
Access Control Repair And Installation
Commercial Locksmith Service
Residential Locksmith Service
Car And Auto Locksmith Service
Replacement Car Key
Sliding Glass Door Lock
Broken Door Lock repair 

Do you want to know about us?
Locksmithing since 1978.
Started in Houston Texas on high rise hotels.
Installing locks and master key systems.
Learned a lot of commercial locks on those high rise buildings.
Residential locks came easy.
I aim to keep all my customers.
When you use me, I want you to call me if you ever need me again.
I also want you to tell all your friends that I did a great job for you.

All locksmith service is provided by Chuck The Locksmith
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